Domestic and commercial scaffolding

Moulton Scaffolding Ltd offers scaffolding services for all scaffolding jobs big or small. We are trained to the highest standard, so we can work at many heights on many jobs. We have over 20 years’ experience in the trade.

Whether you need your chimney re pointing or it to be completely removed, at Moulton Scaffolding, we can help you complete the job.


Industrial scaffolding projects in Northamptonshire

The industrial sector is also in need of professional scaffolding companies, and Moulton Scaffolding Ltd can and will meet your requirements. Whether it is scaffolding inside a warehouse to make a repair to the roof or redecorating the exterior of the building, our expertise can help.

For more information on Moulton Scaffolding Ltd services, call us on 07932 763 155.